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Healthy Legs Day

Kidd 10 Conference Room

Are your legs tired, swollen, and achy after prolonged periods of sitting or standing? If so, why not come and find out about how compressions stockings may be able to help.

By applying pressure to your legs, compression stockings help to promote circulation by countering the effects of gravity. This external pressure aids in promoting more efficient venous return, preventing or alleviating many chronic conditions and symptoms such as swelling, varicose veins, and tired/achy legs.

Compression stockings can help women and men by promoting circulation in the legs.

Drop in one of the two sessions being held on December 8 (0700-0800 or 1400-1500) in the Kidd 10 Conference Room to find out whether you are a candidate for compression stockings. Measurements for stockings will also be taken at the end of the presentation for anyone who is interested.

Sponsored by Lovell Drugs.

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